Application Modernization

Modern business applications keep your employees, customers, and supply chain connected


If your business applications aren’t up-to-date, customers and key suppliers may turn to your competitors instead. And employees are only as effective as your enterprise technology allows them to be. We’ll  modernize legacy business applications and platforms to support business innovation and growth, and develop new, mobile applications to let you reach more customers and interact with your supply chain more effectively. All that helps reduce operational costs and increase margins.

Application modernization solutions

Connected customer experience:  Give your customers the information they need when they need it. Updated business applications give your audience easy, secure access from any device at any time, while powerful capabilities improve their overall experience.

Operational excellence:  Connect existing and new systems to improve operational excellence and generate new business opportunities.

Business innovation:  Reach new markets and customers with a modern platform that supports your evolving business objectives with the latest technologies.

Mobile apps:  Build and deploy mission-critical, line-of-business applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. We’ll help you make the most of the cloud, supporting integration with your existing back-end systems and providing key application telemetry to help your employees be more responsive and productive.

Web:  There’s no need to architect a complicated, scalable web solution to support worldwide customer demand. We’ll quickly develop and deploy a responsive website that gives your customers the information they need from any device, anywhere in the world.

Enterprise digital media:  We can support live-streaming or video-on-demand cloud services for your enterprise digital media, including media processing, content management and discovery, and media player.

Internet of Things (IoT):  Real-time IoT data from your connected products provides usage insights and enables new services and revenue streams for existing or new devices, as well as enhanced customer service. Start with a short engagement to design and develop a proof of concept (POC) to quickly visualize the power of the IoT.

Technologies for application modernization

Mavensoft leverages a range of Microsoft technologies for application modernization, including:

  • Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Modern Applications
  • Visual Studio Team Services
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