Business Insights

Effectively mine the data that drives your business so you can compete more effectively

Turn data into powerful business insights

Invaluable business data is spread throughout your enterprise—in spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming content, and databases. If you can’t access it, consolidate it, and analyze it then it’s not giving you the insight you need to grow your business. No matter where your data lives or what form it’s in, we can give you a holistic, instant view of key business metrics. You’ll be able to see and solve problems before they get out of hand. Seize opportunities as soon as they arise. And get all of your employees on the same page so they can collaborate and make fast, confident decisions based on facts, not hunches.

Business insights solutions

Big data and business intelligence: Connected applications and devices generate massive amounts of data that can help you compete more effectively—but only if you can access and manage it. With the unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety of data, you need business analytics to mine it for potential business value.

Internet of Things (IoT): When you connect devices and sensors, you gain the ability to monitor and interact to run diagnostics for predictive maintenance, change operational settings or processes, or push new configurations.

Marketing analytics: Improve campaign response, reduce waste, and lower costs by targeting specific markets and consumers using powerful marketing analytics for advertising, campaign effectiveness, campaign development, and product alignment.

Social sentiment analysis: Deep analytical capabilities can help you gain insights from social data so you can develop an improved customer sentiment strategy or complement the one you have in place.

Technologies for business insights

Mavensoft leverages a range of Microsoft technologies for business insights, including:

  • Power BI Advanced Analytics
  • Cortana and AI
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