Energy & Utilities

Data-driven intelligence powers the next generation of energy and utility services

Deliver sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

Energy and utility customers are becoming more engaged in their energy choices and focused on sustainability. But delivering these new services is challenging already-tight resources and profit margins. We can help your organization improve operations, respond to market changes, comply with regulatory requirements, and innovate with new business models and products. Advanced analytics, secure cloud-based applications, and always-accessible collaboration tools help satisfy customers, employees, and shareholders. You’ll be able to track and forecast customer activity at all utility touch points and use the knowledge gained to drive marketing execution, sales growth, and customer service. And employees from offices to the field gain instant access to information and collaboration tools to keep your business humming.

Field support: Operate efficiently with a cloud-first approach that makes employees as productive as possible, wherever they are. Securely access data from any device to consult with colleagues, make a drilling decision, repair a well, approve a purchase order, or expedite delivery of materials to a work site. Customized dashboards support fast, informed decisions at every level.

Disaster recovery: Cloud-based platforms offer high availability and disaster recovery, so you can be confident in your ability to deliver line-of-business services under almost any conditions.

Rightsized technology: Manage costs and overhead with flexible, scalable cloud-based services that expand and contract with your needs. Centralize asset monitoring and improve real-time communications across organizations.

Smart meters: Get real-time consumption visibility, actionable alerts, and remote asset management and maintenance with smart meters connected to big data analytics and dashboards. Engage consumers in energy conservation with mobile applications that guide desired behavior.

Security: Robust security options let you manage and control identity and user access, encrypt communications and operations processes, secure networks, and manage threats.

Big data: Smart meters and online tools create massive amounts of data that must be stored, compiled, and correlated. The cloud offers inexpensive storage options and can handle a wide variety of data types from multiple sources around the globe.

Advanced analytics: Turn data into insight with advanced analytics capabilities to monitor asset health and enable predictive maintenance, streamline operations, and lower operating costs. Powerful cloud-based analytics tools can also assist with load balancing and demand forecasting to optimize grid efficiency.

Energy and utility solutions

  • Predictive maintenance
  •  Energy management
  •  Energy efficiency
  •  Analytics
  •  Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  •  Customer relationship management (CRM)

Technologies for energy and utility

Mavensoft leverages a range of Microsoft technologies for energy and utility applications, including:

  •  Office 365
  •  Azure
  •  SharePoint
  •  Visual Studio Team Services
  •  Dynamics 365
  •  Dynamics NAV 2016
  •  Power BI
  •  Microsoft 365
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