Health Care

Optimize provider and staff efficiency while improving patient satisfaction and care

Improve patient care and satisfaction while reducing costs

With the ongoing push to value-based care, your providers and staff are spread thin. You need to protect them from burnout while improving the patient experience and engaging patients in their own care. We can help, with technology that supports your clinic workflows so your staff can spend more quality time with patients, and so patients and their families can access information to make informed, timely decisions. Customized health care software solutions can improve both patient and employee satisfaction, and give you new capabilities to enhance your offerings.

Patient relationships: Patients have high expectations for personalized experiences based on their online interactions with other industries such as travel, shopping, and entertainment. With powerful Microsoft platforms, we can provide personalized experiences for any size health care organization without large upfront investments.

Continuous patient engagement: Put your patients at the center of their care, giving them the powerful, secure online tools they need to manage their care and help achieve quantifiable results.

Improved communications: Our technology platforms take the lag time out of clinician-to-clinician and clinician-to-patient interactions, which improves patient outcomes and helps reduce costs.

Research and collaboration: With support for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, specialists can collaborate from anywhere in the world, analyzing patent data as well as large digital resources to support new discoveries and improve health for all.

Health care solutions

  • Care coordination
  • Clinical analytics
  • Cyber-security
  • Operational analytics
  • Patient engagement
  • Virtual health applications

Technologies for health care

Mavensoft leverages a range of Microsoft technologies for health care applications, including:

  • MS Dynamics 365 (CRM/APPS)
  • Office 365
  • Cortana Intelligence (AI)
  • Power BI
  • .NET framework
  • SQL Server
  • SSRS
  • Azure
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Intune Mobile Device Management
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Skype for Business (Teams)
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Cloud Access Security


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