Retail & Consumer

Delight customers, manage inventory, and improve margins

Increase sales and profitability while enhancing consumer experiences

Low margins and increased competition are just the beginning of the challenges for retail and consumer goods companies. Customers expect personalized offers and shopping experiences and almost instant gratification. Get it wrong, and they’re gone before you can say, “how can I help you?” Get it right, and earn the positive feedback and loyalty of vocal, socially connected millennial consumers. Innovative digital technologies will help you optimize profits and build consumer loyalty, and eliminate the guesswork of inventory and sales promotions. With up-to-the-minute data, you’ll know exactly what your customers want in every location. And productivity tools help your employees improve profit margins, and consumer engagement tools keep customers coming back.

Inventory optimization: Respond to market trends with a granular, intelligent view of inventory. With IoT integration, your inventory management system gets automatic, real-time stocking and sales performance data so you can more accurately predict the optimal SKU assortment for each store.

Retail execution: Built on a secure, reliable cloud platform, this flexible SaaS system lets you orchestrate your sales team for more effective field sales and merchandising. Retail teams get access to data around category execution, pricing promotions, and inventory, collaborate on merchandizing and performance expectations, streamline processes, and improve sales effectiveness.

Retail personalization: Build customer loyalty with personalization and recommendation systems and see increased profitability through greater conversion, larger purchases, and more traffic. Near-real-time data and tools help you anticipate customer purchases based on profiles, needs, and events and create natural cross-sell and upsell opportunities using predictive analytics.

Customer experience management: Serve customer where and how they prefer by delivering relevant, connected, and measurable customer experiences across all retail channels. We connect customer and product data and apply analytics through customer relationship management (CRM) and a content management system (CMS) for customer interactions that delight.

Advanced planning: Leverage advanced analytics and visualization tools to make optimal purchase decisions, and improve the accuracy of demand forecasting.

Modern workplace: Empower retail employees with collaboration tools that connect stores and headquarters with easy, secure access to real-time information from any device.

Predictive maintenance: See equipment status anywhere, anytime to predict service requirements and maintenance so downtime doesn’t hit your bottom line.

Retail and consumer solutions

  • Retail personalization
  • Inventory optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Advanced planning
  • Modern retail and consumer goods workplace
  • Customer experience management
  • Inventory optimization

Technologies for retail and consumer

Mavensoft leverages a range of Microsoft technologies for retail and consumer applications, including:

  • Azure
  • Cortana Intelligence Suite (AI)
  • Dynamics 365
  • Power BI
  • SQL Server
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Azure IoT Suite
  • Office 365
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